PUMPstrut Jazz/Hip Hop Fusion


Carolina Montenegro has been dancing for over 17 years. She’s trained in various dance styles such as: Lyrical, Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Hip-hop, and Brazilian Zouk. She was a member of the traveling dance team, Collabor8 for 2 years, where they performed a mixture of Jazz and Hip-hop routines throughout Nevada and California. She later ventured out with six girls to form the group, whom she performed and trained with for two additional years.

In 2010, Carolina graduated from CSUF and took a break from dance to focus on her Marketing career. Upon her return in 2013, she began to attend Millennium Los Angeles, Aisha Francis trainings and Yanis Marshal master classes.  This is where she was introduced to the heels infused Jazz style she quickly fell in love with.

Carolina now dedicates her time to Street Jazz heels and Brazilian Zouk. In 2015, she traveled to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil to complete a Zouk camp with multiple respected instructors. She joined ISDC, a Zouk performance team Directed by world renowned instructors Shani Mayer and Ivo Vieira. She also trains with Brazilian instructors Clinton Lacerda and Cristi Boone. Carolina placed 2nd in the 2016 US Zouk Open and the official Brazilian Zouk Council Jack & Jill.

In 2016, feeling confident with her dance background, Carolina started “PumpStrut, a street Jazz heels class. Though her experience in studios, she knew she wanted to create a fun, judge free environment. Her vision was to create a class that focused on boosting confidence and technique through choreography. Pumpstrut is a feel-good class for dancers and non-dancers. A place where students could release their alter-ego.

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