Diego & Jessica workshop

Check out this video of Diego & Jessica

Diego Borges and Jessica Pacheco

From Brazil touring the US, Climbing the charts with 2nd Place at US Open 2016 

March 17-19 2017

Workshops and Dance Party

6 West Coast Swing workshops. Private Lessons Available.


Advance/Competition level: workshops. (must qualify) Must be Intermediate level competitor and higher 0r ESS approved Advance & All-star status, or invited.

4:00pmFocus on him and focus on her. Contrast with a perfect balance.  Challenging your skills and create more.
5:00pm How to use advanced accelerations and make your dance more dynamic.
6:00pmFootwork and body movement for a more musical and fun dance.
7:00pm – Dinner Break – Appetizers & Desserts served.
8:00pm DanScene’s 3rd Saturday Night West Coast Swing Party (included with workshop)


Open Level Workshop: Absolutely no first time beginners. Must have knowledge of West Coast Swing. (Strong knowledge of basics recommended, must know 6 & 8 count basics, left 1-1/2 turns and right 2-1/2 turns)

4:00pm – The secrets for a perfect connection.
5:00pm – How to spice your basics and develop your dance.
6:00pm – Footwork and body movement for a more musical and fun dance.

7:00pm Diner Break: Appetizers & Desserts served

7:00pm OCWCSDC Social dance & Contest, ($2 discount with workshops)


After March 16 or At The Door

6 workshops $120 – Juniors/Students $10 off
3 workshops $70 – Juniors/Students $10 off
Single workshop $30 – 2 workshops $55 – Juniors/Students $5 off

Saturday Night WCS Party included + discount Sunday Night at Jack Smith’s OCWCSDC

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