Funday Sunday


Open J & J Contest $1000.00 Jackpot!

Newcomer/Novice J&J Contest $250 Jackpot!

Non-competitor Contest Cash and Prizes

Qualify Every Sunday & Tuesday

Registration starts at 7:30pm ~ In addition to the cover charge; there is a $5 entry fee for the contest. 8:30pm – Newcomer/Novice J&J ~ 9:00pm Open J&J

Non-competitors contest – accumulate points with attendance every Sunday & Tuesday must pay the cover charge or class fee to earn points (competitors can also qualify for this category).

See contest rules below

Join us for some social dancing every Sunday

Dancing starts at 7pm

Celebrate your birthday and get in free

West Coast Swing Classes

4:00pm  – Free Beginner West Coast Swing class~5:00pm  – Beginner/Intermediate West Coast Swing class~6:00pm – Intermediate West Coast Swing class~$12 – Class & Social Dance~7:00pm – Dance Only $10~Host: Martin Parker

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Our Jack and Jill contests will be held monthly usually on the 1st Sunday and Tuesday to qualify for the Finals. The top 8-12 Leaders & Followers with the most accumulative points will be in the final. Admission plus entry fee is required to enter the J&J Contest.

New comer/Novice – Jack & Jill

Open – Jack  Jill(WSDC qualified Intermediate-Champions may enter this division)


1. Must know and be able to properly execute the 10 basic WCS patterns.

2. Must use only WCS timing

3. Partnership: lead and follow techniques are expected.

4. Staying in time and showing a natural body rhythm is both expected and required.

5. Must be lead and follow movements and patterns. No Choreographed routines.

6. Variations and extended patterns, phrasing, variety, and degree of difficulty are all judged as pluses unless executed poorly. Poorly executed moves can greatly reduce any contestant’s score. Projection and Showmanship are both pluses if, and only if, it enhances the partnership. This is a Classic West Coast Swing contest. No lifts; No drops; No side-by-side or completely open except for free spins and recoveries; At least 70% West Coast Swing movements and Patterns; Men as leaders; Women as followers.

8. At our discretion contest may not be held with fewer than 7 qualified men and 7 qualified women contestants.

9. Must sign up to compete by five minutes before the scheduled contest time.

10. The couples will dance in heats of fifteen or less and will be judged by a minimum of three judges and a maximum of seven judges.

11. The couples will dance to a minimum of two different pieces of music

12. The first 30 qualified men and 30 qualified women to sign up will dance in that contest.


1. Competitors will be awarded points in each contest based on our current Contest method: 1st-6 points, 2nd-5 points, 3rd-4 points, 4th- 3 points, and 5th- 2 points. One point will be awarded to those couples placing 6th through 10th. If there are less than 10 couples only first through 5th will be given points. Points will accumulate for one contest year,

2. A competitor dancing more than once in a given contest will receive points only for the highest placement.

Non-Competitors Contest:

non -competitors will receive one point for there attendance either on  Sunday or Tuesday. You will earn a point each time you attend a paid WCS class or Social Dance on Sunday or Tuesday. Prizes will be awarded up to the top 5 places with a minimum of 3 places. This is based on the amount of participants. To earn points you must pay cover charge to enter contest, be sure to sign-in each time and that is legible.

1st place: $100.00

2nd Place: 8 group classes or 8 dance nights on FS. or TIUT

3rd Place: 5 group classes or 5 dance nights on FS. or TIUT

4th Place: ( if applicable) 5 group classes or 5 dance nights on FS. or TIUT

5th Place: ( if applicable) 5 group classes or 5 dance nights on FS. or TIUT